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A distinct characteristic of conventional heating and cooling technologies is that they are inefficient. Heating and cooling contribute nearly 80% to overall building loads. A switch to smarter & more efficient cooling and heating technologies significantly reduces energy consumption, cuts operational expenditure and delivers enhanced quality of life

gaspros Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) for heating & cooling

Air source heat pumps are a significant advancement over existing heating and cooling technology. The solution is electricity-dependent and utilises ambient heat to deliver integrated space & water heating and cooling. It is the first certified environment product and has an efficiency of 400%.
Air at any temperature above absolute zero contains some energy. An air-source heat pump transfers (‘pumps’) some of this energy as heat from one place to another, for example between the outside and inside of a building. This can provide space heating and/or hot water. A single system can be designed to transfer heat in either direction, to heat or cool the interior of the building in winter and summer respectively.
-Five mode operation: Water heating, space cooling, space heating, space heating+water heating, space cooling+water heating
-Eco-friendly refrigerant
-Smart automated operation based on water temperature.
-Signal control from indoor thermostat or other switch signal
-Lower carbon footprint, compared to standard cooling technologies

gaspros off-grid Combined Cooling, Heating & Power (CCHP) solution

Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) integrates the production of electricity, heating and cooling in one single, highly efficient process.
Cogeneration is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel. In separate production of electricity, some energy must be discarded as waste heat, but in cogeneration some of this thermal energy is put to use. CCHP generates electricity whilst also capturing usable heat that is produced in this process. This heat can be then used for space & water heating and cooling. This contrasts with conventional ways of generating electricity where vast amounts of heat is simply wasted.
-Decreases energy costs and increases efficiency.
-Less fuel is used to generate the same amount of energy, resulting in lower CO² and greenhouse gas emissions
-Single fuel source to generate power, heating and cooling

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